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Dash Cameras with GPS

Save time and money by managing your fleet in an innovative way. Overlay LIVE GPS data with LIVE video footage of incidents as they take place. 

Having the ability to see footage immediately before the incident and afterwards can really change your outlook on the incident or allegation and in fact protect your drivers or yourself from prosecution.

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Our Special Offer - £299.99 + VAT

  • Front View and Internal View Cameras
  • Tamper Proof SD Card and Sim Card
  • 4G GPS Enabled – LIVE GPS Tracking
  • LIVE VIEW of LIVE Footage
  • Incident Retrieval via E mail
  • 128GB SD card included
  • 3 Wire Installation
  • Roaming Data Sim included – All Networks
  • FREE Fitting 
  • Monthly Subscription for GPS, LIVE View and Incident Retrieval £9.99 + VAT Per Month – No Contract – PAYG

Watch "LIVE" Driving Footage

Login Directly to your private login and see LIVE video streamed to your phone from your Dash Camera with GPS

A computer screen showing a map of a road.

LIVE GPS Tracking included

Not really concerned about theft, The Dash Camera with GPS relays all GPS Data directly to the APP so you can see the LIVE location of the vehicle. 

Incident Footage

If you have had an accident you can request the recovery of the incident including audio via e mail or on the phone. We will e mail you all the content or send it directly to your insurance company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Footage is recorded directly onto an SD Card in an enclosed and tamper proof area on the Dash Camera.

GPS signal can be inhibited by other devices and systems in a vehicle (e.g. heated front windscreen). Please test the dash cam outside to see if the problem remains. The GPS receiver is located inside the windscreen side of the unit. If we have fitted this then we will have tested this while commissioning the unit. 

Please ensure that you have the latest version of our CMV6 software. This can be downloaded from the HERE. Please note that the minimum recommended requirements for Replay 3 are Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 or Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, Processor: Intel Core i5, Memory: 4GB, Display resolution: 1280 x 720 or higher.

The calculation of speed is based upon GPS position and hence distance travelled over time taken. This is a complicated algorithm and there may indeed be some discrepancy between devices, as it is a calculated speed, not an actual speed as measured by your road wheels.

In our tests, once multiple satellites have been located the speed is accurate to within 5%. Normally however, vehicle manufacturers always tend to be optimistic in their display of speed.

Yes especially with the HD files, the continuous recording combined with continuous power causes the dash cam to heat up. Our design within the dash cam is set to ensure this heat dissipates as quickly as possible, therefore not causing any damage to the dash cam or SD card.

They are tested to up +50 °C, please note car interiors can exceed this if left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

A fuse may have blown, please contact us so we can arrange a service call. 

Please e mail us at  

We will need the date and exact time of the incident. We also need some details about what happened so we can get all of the footage required. The benefit of using this method is that insurance companies will struggle to say you edited the footage to your own benefit when it comes directly from us. We will need you to turn the ignition on inside the vehicle to allow us to remote access the footage. 

You will need the orange security tool left with you at the time of installation. This is a triangle shape small screwdriver. On the side of the dash cam there is a triangular slot allowing a small turn to open it. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE VEHICLE IGNITION IS OFF FOR 30 SECONDS BEFORE REMOVING THE SD CARD. A small press of the SD card will allow the SD card to spring back towards you so that you are able to remove it. When replacing please take note of the way it came out. You can then GENTLY push this into the slot. You will feel some resistance. This is the spring accepting the SD card . It will click into place. 

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