Incident Details: - We require as much detail as possible, this will avoid delays in asking questions via e-mail and causing delays getting video footage to you.

Simply fill in your incident details below and one of our experienced team members will be in touch.


Request Video Footage
(M4 motorway is not enough details – Just before Junction 12 travelling west or towards ***** is what we require)
(Example – Our vehicle V1 registration ABC123 was driving in lane 1 on the M20 motorway towards junction 8 heading towards the coast. There was a small silver ford fiesta registration XYX987. This silver fiesta quickly changed lanes from lane 2 to our lane 1 and it stopped quickly and our vehicle hit it in the rear of the vehicle. There was a confrontation after the incident also. 1 minute before this incident there was a road rage incident between our vehicle and the fiesta and we need this footage also.)
This is helpful when we are trying to narrow down a period of the incident.