Replacement Car Keys Manchester

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Replacement Car Keys Manchester

Have you lost your car keys in Manchester? Is your remote no longer working as it should? At NT Autotech, we’re experts in offering top-quality replacement car keys in Manchester. Whether your remote’s missing a few buttons, your car key’s given up the ghost, or you’ve simply mislaid your vehicle key, our specialist auto locksmiths are on hand to help.

Why Choose NT Autotech for Replacement Car Keys in Manchester?

  • Direct Chat: We aren’t just another call centre. When you give us a bell, you’ll be speaking directly with a skilled auto locksmith who’s a dab hand at car key replacement services in Manchester.
  • All-in-One Solutions: From sorting out lost car keys to dishing out spares, we’ve got all your Manchester car key needs sorted.
  • Swift and Efficient: Our professional team ensures rapid solutions to your car key quandaries.

For a no-obligation quote on our Manchester replacement car keys service, do fill in the form at the bottom of this page. Or, give us a ring on 07530 193852 for free advice and prompt assistance.


We’ve all been there – that sinking feeling when you realise you’re locked out of your motor. It can catch you off guard, leaving you in a right pickle. That’s where our top-notch locksmith service in the North West steps in, offering round-the-clock emergency assistance to get you out of these tight spots.

Non-Destructive Opening Techniques

In the business of getting you back behind the wheel, we put a premium on non-destructive entry methods. This ensures we can pop open your vehicle without leaving as much as a scratch.

Boost your car’s protection with our Ghost Immobiliser – a nifty bit of kit that’s a silent guardian against theft. And for those juggling multiple vehicles or just keen to keep an eye on their car’s whereabouts, our GPS fleet tracking services are just the ticket. With Replacement Car Keys Manchester, it’s not only about getting you back in; it’s about keeping your vehicle safe and sound round the clock.

Our team, well-versed in the art of non-destructive entry, offers a broad spectrum of services. Whether it’s car doors, boots, ignition systems, or keyless entries, we’ve got the know-how to sort it.

Effective and Safe Access

Our non-destructive techniques aren’t just effective; they’re proper safe too. The last thing you’d want is a dinged-up car, and our approach guarantees a damage-free re-entry.

Moreover, we’re always kitted out with the latest gear and gizmos, ensuring our methods are bang up to date, spot on, and safe as houses. So, you can rest easy, knowing your motor’s in safe hands with the best replacement car keys service in Manchester.

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Lost Car Keys Manchester

Have you discovered yourself in the unfortunate situation where you can’t locate your car keys in Manchester? If so, you’re not alone, as countless people misplace their keys each day. After an exhaustive search, you’ve found…nothing. You need your vehicle, and you urgently require lost car keys replacement in Manchester. You have two choices in this predicament:

Option One: The More Costly Route

Contact your car dealer, have your vehicle towed to their location, and prepare for a hefty expense. Furthermore, there’s a high likelihood this won’t be resolved today.

Option Two: The Optimal Solution

Immediately reach out to us on 07530 193852 for an over-the-phone quote for your lost car key replacement in Manchester. Our professional team will visit your location, supply, and program car keys for all makes and models. Additionally, we can adjust your vehicle’s settings to disregard the lost car key, ensuring it can’t be used if found by a stranger.

Manchester lost car key replacement prices – These start from £150 + VAT, which, when compared to Option One, is merely the cost of the recovery vehicle alone.

Contact us today for free advice on lost car keys in Manchester on 07530 193852, or for a complimentary quote, kindly complete the form situated at the bottom of this page.

Need an additional Car Key in manchester?

If you only have 1 set of keys for you vehicle and don’t want to be in the position of needing a replacement car key quickly then consider this call the one that saves your the stress of trying to find a replacement car key at 6am in the morning while trying to go to a work meeting or taking the kids to school. 

Our Engineer will come directly to you right now and cut and program the key for you. Want a price? No Problem? Just call us now on 07530 193852

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