Ghost Immobilisers for Ford Vehicles

At NT Autotech, we are acutely aware of the escalating problem of vehicle theft, a situation leading to heightened insurance premiums. Our specialised service offering Ghost Immobilisers for Ford is specifically designed to tackle keyless entry car thefts and diminish the risk of your Ford falling prey to thieves. By integrating a dependable relay box into our Ghost Immobiliser system, we provide assurance that your Ford is thoroughly protected. Allow us to help fortify the security of your treasured asset.

What is a Ghost Immobiliser for Ford vehicles?

Autowatch Ghost Immobilisers for Ford vehicles are an unobtrusive yet effective solution for deterring vehicle theft. These devices, which are subtly installed within the car, offer a robust security measure.

The driver is required to input a unique sequence of button presses and pedal engagements that serve as a personal identification number (PIN) prior to starting the engine. This ensures that the vehicle can only be started by someone who knows this distinct code.

Think of it as a ‘chip and pin’ system for your Ford vehicle! For those seeking enhanced security, a code comprising of up to 20 buttons can be set, offering a superior level of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions – Ghost Immobilisers for Ford Vehicles

A Ghost Immobiliser is a can bus immobiliser that will either stop the vehicle starting or stall it if the gear is engaged and the unique PIN code hasn’t been entered. Therefore, Ghost Immobilisers for Ford serve as an advanced and personalised line of defence against car theft. In essence, they offer an extra layer of security, assuring Ford owners of their vehicle’s safety and their own peace of mind. So, no matter where you park your car, the Ghost Immobiliser helps ensure that your Ford stays exactly where you left it.

The Ghost Immobiliser works by immobilising the vehicle through the can bus network present in all modern cars. The owner will put a unique PIN code in using the vehicles factory buttons. If the code is not entered then the vehicle is disabled even with the car key present.

Ghost Immobilisers are not Thatcham approved however they are TASSA Approved , this is a body that is starting to be recognised by the insurance underwriters due to hands free car theft and key cloning.

The Ghost 2 Immobiliser is the most widely used and is a newer version of the original. There is a ghost pro that’s dual can this is used on certain makes and models that need a dual can install for better protection.

The ghost immobiliser is RRP £499 installed inclusive of vat. We currently have deals available where you can get a free GPS vehicle tracker for extra security.

The Ghost Immobilser correctly fitted should not be detected or wiring of a installation cannot be followed , it could be anywhere in the car and covered with the genuine vehicles loom tape. The tape used will differ depending make and model.

With a switch the wiring can be easily tracked and once the source of immobilisation is found it can be bypassed.

  • They prevent handsfree car theft and key cloning
  • They immobilise the vehicle
  • They stop diagnostic tools performing tasks and possible key programming
  • The ghost must be put into valet mode when the dealer has to carry out work on the vehicle as they won’t be able to communicate with the car if the  ghost is active

The Ghost Immobiliser should only be fitted by a TASSA Approved installer and has been verified and training passed by Autowatch the supplier. You can check if the installer is Tassa approved on there database.

Tassa approved and an electrical biased background and verified by Autowatch.

This will depend on the vehicle and type of installation all cars are different and times do vary however a ball park figure would be between 1 to 2 hours.

If fitted by a correctly adhering to the specific manufactures process then yes the install should not affect the vehicles warranty.

Failures on ghost are rare if fitted correctly. The most common reason for a ghost not responding is the failure of a vehicles button causing the owner to not be able to input there code. Further failures could be caused by a flat battery and the incorrect Slave start procedure carried out causing an electrical spyke and damaging the unit.

Yes, however there is a override pin which should be explained by the installer and if a vehicle button fails there’s a procedure to reset the unit into learn pin mode.

For this to work correctly the unit should be registered with Autowatch and with certain security questions answered with the information provided in the registration Autowatch would be able to talk the customer through the process if the Original installer is not contactable.

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Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Ford

Ghost Immobilisers for Ford vehicles offer a robust security solution, enabling you to safeguard your vehicle without the need for key fobs or any concern over radio frequencies.

The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. To deactivate the immobiliser, you simply input your bespoke PIN code via the pre-existing buttons on either the steering wheel or dashboard. For enhanced security, you can create your own personalised PIN, with the potential to extend up to 20 digits! Additionally, a secure emergency code is at your disposal, should you forget your original code and need to reset it.

Truly, Ghost Immobilisers for Ford ensure superior vehicle security.

How Does The Ghost Immobiliser for Ford Vehicles Work?

The installation of our Ghost Immobilisers for Ford is efficiently carried out by our professional and affable technicians, either at your home or place of work. Upon its seamless integration into your vehicle’s Can-Bus system, this security device prohibits the initiation of your engine without the input of a distinctive PIN code. With Ghost Immobilisers for Ford installed, your vehicle’s security is absolutely guaranteed!

We are proud to offer the Ghost Immobiliser for Ford, which is completely secure. Thanks to its design, it is impossible to bypass using any kind of theft method.

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Hassle-Free Fitting

It’s super easy to access your vehicle as the owner – all you need to do is enter your PIN code into the buttons on the steering wheel or dashboard.

You can even change it to a secure number of your choice. Plus, the device comes with a Service/Valet Mode which ensures your security code will never be compromised, even during its MOT or while it’s being professionally cleaned.

Don’t worry about any LED indicators, noise, or frequency giving away the presence of the Ghost Immobilser! The ghost vehicle immobiliser for Ford works silently, using the onboard CAN data network to keep your vehicle safe and secure from thieves, all day, every day.

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  • TASSA Approved
  • Mobile App
  • Key Cloning Protection
Ghost II vehicle protection with immobilisers, fitting & free GPS tracking.
Next-generation Ghost Immobilisers - the ultimate vehicle protection.
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