Thatcham Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers Supplied and Fitted in the North West

When exploring GPS vehicle trackers, it’s essential to consider your specific needs, especially if your insurance provider requires an insurance-approved vehicle tracker.

Are you aware that many UK insurers now mandate the installation of Thatcham-approved vehicle trackers? These devices are rigorously tested to meet the stringent standards set by UK insurance companies. By installing a Thatcham-approved tracker, you not only comply with your insurer’s requirements but also unlock the potential for reduced insurance premiums.

At NT Autotech, our Thatcham-approved vehicle trackers offer more than just compliance. They provide real-time location tracking, ensuring peace of mind about your vehicle’s safety. In the event of unauthorised use or attempted tampering, these trackers send instant alerts, adding an extra layer of security.

Moreover, integrating a Thatcham-approved tracker into your vehicle can lead to significant savings on your car insurance. Many insurers recognise the added security these trackers provide and often offer discounts on premiums for vehicles equipped with them.

Insurance-approved vehicle tracker system for advanced vehicles in 2017.

Reduce your insurance premiums with a Thatcham insurance approved vehicle tracker.

Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers

Scorpion track advanced vehicle tracking system.

S7 Insurance Approved Tracker

Price includes installation

£149.99 excl VAT

Please Note: Subscription not included.

A rv with the words scorpion track advanced vehicles 2017 tracking system.

S5 Insurance Approved Tracker

Price includes installation

£249.99 excl VAT

Please Note: Subscription not included.

Scorpion track advanced vehicle tracking system.

S5+ Insurance Approved Tracker

Price includes installation

£399.99 excl VAT

Please Note: Subscription not included.

A mobile phone displaying an insurance approved map of a location for vehicle trackers.
  • 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring by our dedicated UK based Monitoring Team
  • 4G Enabled for superior tracking abilities
  • Thatcham Insurance Approved
  • Made In Britain

Benefits of Insurance Approved Trackers

95% Theft Recovery Rate

Unauthorised Driving Alert

Smart Digital GPS Fencing Alerts

Remote Immobilisation

Thatcham Approved Vehicle Trackers

For experienced car owners, especially those with high value vehicles, the Thatcham name is synonymous with quality and excellence. And that reputation is backed up by more than 50 years of experience.

Thatcham Research is a UK-based automotive safety charity. Dedicated to achieving global excellence in vehicle security, it carries out research with insurers, car makers, and law enforcement bodies.

Thatcham’s rigorous testing process means that any GPS car tracker bearing their Quality Assurance logo is among the best trackers on the market.

Thatcham Approved Categories

While all Thatcham approved trackers are preferred by insurance companies, there are multiple categories available.

The different categories are known as S5 and S7, although you may still see them listed under their pre January 2019 as either CAT 5, CAT 6, or CAT 7.

All Thatcham approved vehicle trackers must meet the strictest of criteria, making the differences between CAT S5 and S7 no reflection on how secure they will be.

The biggest difference between trackers in the two different categories are that S7 trackers have a reactive system which does not require driver ID. This means that the S7 vehicle trackers cannot tell the difference between you or your allowed drivers.

S5 systems, on the other hand, use a proactive system which can identify if an approved driver ID key is present. If there isn’t, a silent alarm is activated which will alert you that your vehicle has been moved.