Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost immobilser is a state of the art car security system that offers protection for your vehicle. It is the world’s first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser, making it a must-have for any car owner.

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser provides unbeatable protection against Key theft, key cloning, and most importantly car hacking. Keep your car safe from theft with this state-of-the-art security device.

What are the features of the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser?

The Autowatch is designed to protect your vehicle against key thef, key key cloning and car hacking. The device has no LED indications or key-fobs to make the thief aware, making it a more secure option for your car.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser system creates a PIN code sequence using buttons in your vehicle, such as those on your steering wheel, door panels and centre console. You must enter a PIN code to disarm the system before the vehicle will start. To ensure the security of your car, you can create a PIN code with up to 20 times. If you cant remember your PIN, or a button is broken, you can use a trusted emergency PIN code that is unique to each device to reset the system. 

The Ghost security system does not use any radio frequency signals, making it impossible for thieves to use RF scanning or code grabbing technology to intercept and detect it. Thanks to this, there are no circuit cuts during installation and fitting, making it more difficult for thieves to detect the system.

There is also an Android and iPhone app that connects to your vehicle and allows you to start and drive the car without the need to enter the PIN code. This app uses a secure pairing code that is unique to each Ghost device to allow communication between the Ghost and an iPhone. This communication is fully encrypted.

The immobilser has been designed for easy installation and fitment, thanks to its compatibility with the vehicle’s CAN Data Network. Additionally, the immobilser has been tested for use with all compatible vehicles, making it a low-impact and hassle-free solution.

The Ghost Immobiliser from Autowatch is also suitable with a wide range of vehicles such as BMW, Land Rover, Ford, Mercedes, Range Rover, Audi, Porche and many others. To check your vehicle’s compatibility with the Ghost Immobiliser, simply get in touch with our team on 07530 193852.

What Are The Benefits

key theft – If you’re worried about car theft, the Autowatch Ghost is a device that can help prevent key theft. It’s silent and has PIN code security, so even if a thief got hold of your car key, they wouldn’t be able to start the car.

Key Cloning – Thanks to the Autowatch Ghost’s silent operation and PIN code security, your car is protected from key theft. Even if a thief were to steal your car key, they wouldn’t be able to start your car. 

ECU Swapping – The Autowatch Ghost is an anti-theft device that prevents car thieves from adding a new key or replacing the ECU to bypass the immobiliser system and start the vehicle. Only the correct PIN code will start the vehicle.

How Much Is A Ghost Immobiliser?

We are proud to offer the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser for just £499.00, which includes a free GPS Vehicle Tracker. The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is a top-of-the-line product that is unlike anything else on the market, and is a long-term investment that can be removed and reinstalled if you were to change cars.

Do You Still Need A GPS Tracking Device?

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser has been a great alternative to many vehicle tracking systems. However, we now recommend using a GPS Vehicle tracking device alongside the Ghost Immobiliser for added security and peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your car in real-time and make sure that only you have access to it, a GPS car tracker is a great option. The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser works with this system to give you complete control over your car’s starting system, so you can prevent any unauthorized use.

If you purchase an Autowatch Ghost Immobilser from us, you have the option to receive a free gps vehicle tracker. In order to use the GPS tracker, there is a small monthly subscription cost.

How Long Does Fitting & Installation Take?

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is a quick and easy security system to install, averaging around two hours for an Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser fitting. Additionally, we will provide you with a full demonstration of how to properly use the system.

Does it come with a warranty and aftercare?

Autowatch Ghost, offer a 3 year warranty on the device as well as on-going support and aftercare from us here at NT Autotech. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and we’re always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Is it possible that it could lower my insurance costs?

The Autowatch Ghost is an insurance-approved device that can help to reduce your insurance costs. By reducing the likelihood of your car being stolen, the Autowatch Ghost could lead to your car insurance company offering you a discounted rate.


At NT Autotech, we provide top-of-the-line security solutions for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for basic security or something more advanced, we have you covered. We’re the leading vehicle security specialist and installer in the North West, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands with us.

We specialise in Ghost immobilser installations for a wide range of vehicles. You can be confident that your vehicle security system will be fitted to the highest possible standard. As a leading provider of high-quality products and services, NT Autotech is committed to offering our customers the best possible prices and advice. With over 20 years of experience, we are your trusted source for all your car security needs.

If you have any questions about the Autowatch Ghost Canbus Immobiliser, please call our expert team now on 07530 193852.

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