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Car crime in Greater Manchester is at an all-time HIGH.

Car crimes in Greater Manchester, particularly car theft and vandalism, have surged to unprecedented levels recently. This escalating situation has led to the local police authorities strongly advising Manchester residents to be extra cautious. One of the effective ways to enhance your vehicle’s security in this region is by investing in car alarms in Manchester. By having such a system installed, one can deter potential thieves, especially when your car is parked in areas with good lighting.

Manchester has been identified as having the highest car crime rates in the UK, according to a recent study, with the city having the most car crimes per 1,000 vehicles. This situation places Manchester ahead of other cities like Liverpool, Birmingham, and Leeds, with Liverpool taking the second spot. A particularly alarming finding from this study was that car theft made up an astounding 60% of all motor vehicle crimes. The introduction of car trackers in Manchester could be a significant game-changer. These tracking devices can act as an added layer of security, enhancing your chances of recovering your vehicle in the unfortunate event of theft.

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Manchester vehicle crime rate compared to other areas in the UK

GPS Vehicle Theft Trackers Help Crime Prevention in Manchester

GPS vehicle theft trackers in Manchester play a pivotal role in combating crime by effectively tracking and locating stolen vehicles. By promptly notifying the authorities and providing them with accurate vehicle location data, these trackers assist in the recovery of stolen cars and the apprehension of the culprits involved.

Within Manchester, car trackers are extensively utilised by the police to locate stolen vehicles post-theft. In certain instances, law enforcement employs decoy cars equipped with audio and video recording devices. Drawing from our experience supporting these police operations, we are familiar with various techniques, including immobilisation measures, aimed at preventing car theft.

Leaving your vehicle unattended for prolonged periods or storing it in an unsecured garage significantly heightens the risk of falling prey to car-related crimes. Moreover, it facilitates the opportunistic sale of stolen car parts by criminals. The implementation of GPS vehicle trackers has effectively contributed to the reduction of car crime rates in local towns and cities throughout Greater Manchester, assisting the Greater Manchester Police in their crime prevention efforts.

Over the past 12 months, Manchester has witnessed a substantial decline of more than a third in reported car crimes. This noteworthy achievement can be partially attributed to the widespread adoption of GPS car trackers throughout the city.

Furthermore, the utilisation of car trackers has enabled Manchester’s police force to apprehend offenders in the act. A recent incident exemplifies this success, as a man was swiftly apprehended after the police tracked him driving a stolen car that was linked to a burglary.

Choosing the right Car Trackers in Manchester

One way to prevent car theft is to immobilize the engine, but this can sometimes provoke a reaction from the thief depending on how badly they want the car and their own personal barriers to crime.

A car tracker can not only show you where the car is but also help you recover it with no confrontation or damage to the car during a police chase. Historic GPS tracking data can also provide useful leads for the police to follow when investigating your crime.

Why Choose NT Autotech For Car Trackers in Manchester?

We are now the leading supplier and installer of GPS trackers in Manchester. We use the most up-to-date mobile phone and motion sensor technology, as well as the most advanced GPS location systems. All of our GPS trackers have a battery backup and can continue to operate even without power.

We have the experience you can trust. We have years of experience discussing and advising customers on which GPS car tracker is right for their specific vehicle type. We know the ins and outs of GPS car trackers and how they work. We can advise you on which GPS tracker is best for your vehicle, whether it’s a car, lorry, or motorcycle.

We carry a wide range of GPS car trackers from different manufacturers. This allows us to offer our customers a variety of options when it comes to choosing a GPS tracker for their vehicle. We also offer discounts on some of our most popular GPS car trackers so that you can get the best deal possible on the right tracker for your needs.

We offer a local fitting service and most of our trackers are fitted within 3 days of purchase by a trained qualified professional.

The cost of living is always increasing, so prices will always play a role in your decision-making process when choosing a car trackers in Manchester. We work hard to be the most competitive in the market and won’t try to sell you a car tracker just because it would make more money for us. You can trust that we always have your best interests in mind and keep our prices at the lowest in the market.

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