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Compared to the national crime rate, Liverpool’s crime rate is at 90%.

Car trackers in Liverpool have become essential as vehicle-related crime is at its peak, marking a notable upsurge in incidents such as theft and vandalism over recent months. It’s pertinent to note that vehicle crime contributes to 3.9% of all reported criminal activities within Liverpool’s postcode area. From September 2021 to August 2022, there was a staggering increase of 14.5% in vehicle crimes, totalling 4,900, compared to the same span the previous year, underlining the necessity for car trackers in Liverpool.

Among UK cities, Liverpool holds an undesirable second position for car crimes per 1,000 vehicles, trailing only behind Birmingham and followed by Leeds. An in-depth investigation into these crimes reveals that theft stands as the leading type of car crime, constituting nearly 62% of all motor vehicle infractions. This underlines the crucial need for car trackers in Liverpool, aiming to significantly reduce car-related crimes.

A map visualizing the population percentage in England, with a focus on Liverpool.
Image sourced from www.plumplot.co.uk

GPS Vehicle Theft Trackers Help Crime Prevention in Liverpool

GPS vehicle theft trackers in Liverpool serve as an effective crime deterrent, helping vehicle owners and local authorities trace stolen cars with precision. These trackers enable you to determine your vehicle’s location swiftly and accurately, thereby facilitating the police’s task of retrieving your stolen car and nabbing the culprits involved.

Liverpool’s law enforcement authorities frequently leverage GPS vehicle theft trackers in Liverpool in locating stolen vehicles post-theft. They sometimes employ decoy cars, equipped with both audio and video recording apparatus, in a bid to outwit and catch car thieves.

These decoy vehicles, embedded with GPS vehicle theft trackers in Liverpool, are strategically stationed in regions known for high car theft activity. The trackers installed allow police to keep a vigilant eye on the stolen vehicle’s movements and ultimately apprehend the culprits in real-time.

Liverpool’s Merseyside Police utilise an integrated system of CCTV cameras, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, and car trackers Liverpool in their ongoing fight against car theft. CCTV cameras serve the purpose of identifying and tracking stolen vehicles, while ANPR technology is employed to automatically capture the number plates of passing vehicles. This data is subsequently cross-checked against a database of stolen vehicles, and if there’s a match, the car trackers Liverpool linked GPS system gets activated to pinpoint the vehicle’s exact location.

Vehicle owners should be aware that leaving your car in a garage unattended or for extended periods might increase the likelihood of falling prey to car theft. Opportunistic criminals often seize these chances to trade stolen parts. However, GPS car trackers Liverpool have been instrumental in helping Greater Manchester Police mitigate car crime rates across local towns and cities.

In the last 12 months, the number of reported car crimes in Liverpool has fallen. This is thanks in part to the use of GPS car trackers in Liverpool. These devices serve not only as an active deterrent but also as an essential tool in vehicle recovery and crime-solving.

Choosing the right Car Trackers in Liverpool

Car trackers in Liverpool serve as an effective deterrent to automobile theft, offering a strategic alternative to engine immobilisation, which can often incite potential thieves, depending on their resolve and personal thresholds towards committing the crime.

A Liverpool-based car tracker not only offers real-time location updates but also aids in seamless vehicle recovery without unnecessary confrontations or damage caused during police pursuits. The historic GPS tracking data that car trackers in Liverpool provide, can generate insightful leads for law enforcement agencies, aiding their investigations into the incident. Utilising car trackers in Liverpool, therefore, adds an essential layer of protection to your vehicle, while also assisting the local police in their crime-solving pursuits.

Why Choose NT Autotech for Car Trackers in Liverpool?

Here at NT Autotech LTD, we are the premier supplier and installer of GPS car trackers Liverpool, we combine advanced GPS location systems with cutting-edge mobile phone and motion sensor technology. Each of our Liverpool GPS car trackers is equipped with a battery backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the absence of power.

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