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Do you need an insurance-approved car tracker installed in Bolton? Or a fleet tracking system for your company vehicles? Well, the good news is you’re in the right place. NT Autotech installs all types of vehicle tracking devices in the North West.

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Vehicle Thefts in Bolton

Compared to the national crime rate, Vehicle crime rate is 12.4 crimes reported per 1,000 working people per annum. It’s the 15. highest crime rate out of 104 England and Wales’ postcode areas.

A map displaying the population distribution in Bolton.
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Why Install GPS Car Trackers in Bolton?

Having GPS vehicle theft trackers installed in your vehicle is a great way to help deter crime, as you can use the tracking system to locate the location of your vehicle when it is stolen, which will allow you to assist the police in recovering the vehicle and apprehending the criminals responsible for stealing it.

When a vehicle has been stolen in Bolton, police often use car trackers in order to locate the stolen car after the theft has taken place. Police may also use decoy cars that are equipped with audio and video recording equipment to find stolen vehicles.

Police can use the trackers installed on the decoy cars to keep track of the movements of the stolen cars and apprehend the thieves after putting them in areas where car thieves are known to operate.

A combination of CCTV cameras, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, vehicle tracking devices, and CCTV cameras are used by Police in Bolton to combat car theft. A CCTV camera is used to identify and track stolen vehicles. As well as the CCTV cameras, ANPR technology is also used to automatically record the number plates of passing vehicles. The information is then matched with a database of stolen vehicles.

In the event that a match is found, the GPS system in the tracking device is used to track the location of the vehicle as soon as the match is found.

Your car will be more likely to be stolen if you leave it in a garage or leave it unattended for a long period of time. It will also make it easier for opportunistic criminals to steal parts from your car. In Blackpool, GPS vehicle trackers have helped the police to reduce the rates of car crime in local towns and cities by using GPS vehicle trackers.

Due to the fact that GPS car trackers have become more widespread in Bolton and more people are using them to find their vehicle, the number of car crimes reported in Blackpool has dropped in the last 12 months.

Mercedes Benz GPS app with integrated Ghost Immobilisers.

Choosing the right Car Trackers in Bolton

There are several ways to prevent car theft, and one of them is to immobilize the engine. However, immobilizing the engine can sometimes provoke a reaction from the car thief, depending on how badly they want the car and the barriers they have to crime that they have built for themselves.

There are many benefits associated with using a car tracker, not only showing you where the car is, but also assisting you with recovering it without having to deal with a confrontation or damage to the car. Historic data can also help the police investigate your crime by providing useful leads.

Car Trackers in Bolton. Why Choose NT Autotech?

We are now the leading supplier and installer of GPS car trackers in Bolton. We use the most up-to-date mobile phone and motion sensor technology, as well as the most advanced GPS location systems. All of our GPS trackers have a battery backup and can continue to operate even without power.

We have the experience you can trust. We have years of experience discussing and advising customers on which GPS car tracker is right for their specific vehicle type. We know the ins and outs of GPS car trackers and how they work. We can advise you on which GPS tracker is best for your vehicle, whether it’s a car, lorry, or motorcycle.

We carry a wide range of GPS car trackers in Bolton from different manufacturers. This allows us to offer our customers a variety of options when it comes to choosing a GPS car trackers in Blackpool for their vehicle. We also offer discounts on some of our most popular GPS car trackers so that you can get the best deal possible on the right tracker for your needs.

We offer a local fitting service and most of our trackers are fitted within 3 days of purchase by a trained qualified professional.

The cost of living is always increasing, so prices will always play a role in your decision-making process when choosing a car trackers in Bolton. We work hard to be the most competitive in the market and won’t try to sell you a car tracker just because it would make more money for us. You can trust that we always have your best interests in mind and keep our prices at the lowest in the market.

Vehicle security is an important issue and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to always lock your doors and windows when leaving your car unattended – even if it’s just for a few minutes. Additionally, investing in a car tracker can help you locate your vehicle in the event of theft or misplacement. Car trackers are fairly inexpensive but can provide peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe until you return.

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